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U.S. Green Building Council LEEDTM Green Building Rating System

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) has recently launched its innovative “Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design” (LEED) Green Building Rating System.

The USGBC states, “LEED is a leading-edge system for designing, constructing and certifying the world's best buildings. Developed by the USGBC, LEED is a comprehensive system of building rating and certification that offers: Well-founded, scientific standards, Up-to-date green building training, A professional accreditation program, Knowledgeable technical support, and Prime educational and Internet resources.”[1]

The LEED Rating System

LEED focuses on a number of design and construction categories which will reduce the buildings environmental footprint and have beneficial effect on occupant health.

[1] Bentley Prince Street, “Source Report: LEED Rating System”, http://www.bentleyprincestreet.com/Documentation/bp-LEEDRatingSystem_05SRC0304SS.pdf

Examples of operating cost reduction projects we have engineered, designed, built, and commissioned:

  Effective PLC based high efficiency burner pulse fired system management resulting in a 30% reduction in natural gas consumption by reducing combustible losses at the burner.
  Skidded deionized continuous process water treatment resulting in longer service cycles and elimination of regenerant chemicals.
  High efficiency, on demand skidded steam generation, with 25% reduction in fuel consumption by deploying high efficiency burners, adaptive controls, and effective steam counter flow technology. 
  Adaptive product batching process and controls design with mass flow metering, dry and liquid ingredient delivery, and 2 stage final metering providing repeatable batch accuracy within 0.01%, resulting in optimal ingredient usage. 
  Adaptive CIP process and controls design with accurate chemical delivery, solution batching, downstream process valve and line cleaning, step termination based on time and analytical instrumentation, resulting in reduced cleaning cycle times and consistent low baseline chemical consumption.

  LEED Category Points Available
1. Sustainable Sites 14
2. Water Efficiency 5
3. Energy and Atmosphere 17
4. Materials and Resources 13
5. Indoor Environmental Quality 15
6. LEED Innovation Credits 5
Total Points Available: 69

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