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Process Industries Corporation provides Adaptive Automation, Aseptic (High Purity) Processing, Skills Training, Process Design, Skidded Process Systems, and Sustainable solutions.

In addition to supplying professional services, we have an ASME coded tank shop, a B31.1/B31.3 weld shop, and a UL508A panel shop.

A sampling of current production systems our team has designed, built, validated, and commissioned:
• Amoco Chemicals – 2400 GPM High Purity Water Treatment for Chemical Batching
• Aramco – 3500 GPM Desalination and Municipal Water Treatment
• Ball Corporation – 200 GPM High Purity Water Treatment for Can Washing
• Bay Valley Foods – Private Label Soup – Building and Equipment Layout, Can Handling, Filling, Seaming, Sterilization, Packaging, Infrastructure systems, and Construction Management
• Bosch – Engine Lead Frame Sensor Automatic Assembly and Test
• Caterpillar – Engine Block Industrial Heat Treating
• Chevron Texaco – Refinery High Purity Process Water Treatment
• Chrysler – 2.0 Liter Engine Cam Sensor – Automatic Assembly and Test
• ConAgra Food Ingredients – 6 Blender Bay Spice System Automation
• ConAgra Foods – Aseptic High Purity Process Design and Commissioning
• Consorcio Columbiano Industrial – 3400 GPM High Purity Water Treatment for a 50 MW Combined Recycle
• Crown, Cork, and Seal – 600 GPM Skidded High Purity Water Treatment for Can Washing
• Del Monte Foods – Cream Style Corn – Batching, Filling, Seaming, Sterilization, and Packaging
• Del Monte Foods – Root Crop Processing, Syrup Batching, Filling, Seaming, Sterilization, and Packaging
• Del Monte Foods – Plant Wide Power Distribution Design and Construction Management
• Eclipse Combustion – Pulse Fired Natural Gas Furnace Automation
• Encina WWTP – Methane Gas Blending Skidded System
• General Motors – 600 GPM High Purity Water Treatment for Electrostatic Painting
• FPSO AKPO – 4,400 GPM Induced Gas Floatation Skid
• FPSO Dalia – 10,400 GPM Seawater Sulfate Removal Skid
• Honeywell – Avionics Switches Automatic Assembly and Test
• Kraft Foods – SIP, Recipe Batching, Filling, Packaging, High Purity Processing, and CIP
• Merck – 400 GPM High Purity Water Treatment System for Process Water
• Process Industries – Web development and coding incorporating AJAX, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML5, and SQL server
• Siemens – Transmission Sensor Automatic Assembly and Test
• Tyco – Medical Flowmeter Device Automatic Assembly and Test

Here is a sampling of our designs and systems that have reduced consumption:
1. Effective PLC based high efficiency burner pulse fired system management resulting in a 30% reduction in natural gas consumption by reducing combustible losses at the burner with adaptive controls.
2. Skidded 18 megohm-cm deionized continuous process water treatment systems resulting in longer service cycles and elimination of regenerant chemicals as a result of the optimized design, build, and deployment of RO and EDI.
3. High efficiency, on demand skidded steam generation, with 25% reduction in fuel consumption by deploying high efficiency burners, adaptive controls, and effective steam counter flow technology.
4. Adaptive product batching process and controls design with mass flow metering, dry and liquid ingredient delivery, and 2 stage final metering providing repeatable batch accuracy within 0.01%, resulting in optimal ingredient usage.
5. Adaptive CIP process and controls design with accurate chemical delivery, solution batching, downstream process valve and line cleaning, step termination based on time and analytical instrumentation, resulting in reduced cleaning cycle times and consistent low baseline chemical consumption. /greenbuilding2.htm

Process Industries Corporation (PIC) is pleased to endorse Morgan Mechanical Contractors (MMC) for installation and commissioning of our skidded process equipment. MMC provided top shelf installation services on a skidded high purity deionization system recently commissioned in North Carolina. In addition, MMC's record of safety and safety management is exceptional.

MMC has been in business since 1971, providing Process Piping, Millwright, HVAC, Plumbing, and Fire Sprinkler services and in 1996 expanded with an Electrical Division. MMC has been supplying trade construction services to food, beverage, and industrial clients for 27 years. Based in Eden, North Carolina, MMC has successful installations throughout the southeast, with capability to provide trade construction service throughout the country.

Please email us or contact us at (800) 424-7175 for access to over 30 client testimonials issued since 2008.

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