80 countries and 3 billion people require it right now.

Skidded Process Systems.

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True story: An American couple took a summer trip to Eastern Asia. And on the way home, the wife almost died...
She had eaten a premium ice cream bar she purchased in a local supermarket. Unfortunately, it had been made with polluted water. She got very sick. And to avoid checking into a local hospital, she boarded a plane home, nearly died en route, then spent two weeks in a U.S. hospital recovering from a rare form of dysentery.
The biggest crisis facing the world today is not a shortage of oil. Not a shortage of food. But a shortage of...CLEAN, SAFE WATER. Fresh, clean, safe water is the lifeblood of life. Regardless of price, there is no substitute for it. No other commodity on the planet has that distinction.
Right now, 3 billion people around the world either have no access to fresh, clean, safe water or routinely suffer water shortages.

Process Industries Corporation provides skidded water for injection systems. From 5 microSiemens quality deionized water for can washing to 18 megohm-cm deionized quality water for biotechnology and pharmaceutical batch processing, our systems deliver results.

Our skidded CIP systems provide complete line, valve, and tank cleaning, with complete automation and end of CIP CFR21 part 11 validation records.

Our automated product batching systems have produced over 200 million cases of sterilized consumer product.

We furnish control systems that readily integrate with your plant, including ControlLogix, SLC500, PLC5, Siemens S7, Automation Direct, ProSoft SCADA/RTU, FactoryTalk View ME/SE, Wonderware, Inductive Automation, Intellution and your specified DCS.

Our Ajax, Apache, HTML5, JQuery, MySQL, and Sharepoint UI development delivers real time process visualization, CFR 21 Part 11 compliant records, and profit.

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For our unattended installations, we provide options such as our Mobile HMI, cellular alarm notification, remote support via encrypted VPN, Remote HMI, and dedicated on call support.

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